Introducing Crooked Run Brewing

Hello, my name is Jake Endres.  I’m 25 years old and I’ve been brewing beer since I turned 21.  I really enjoy brewing and want to open my own brewery.

This blog is a place where you can see what I have been up to and watch my progress as a homebrewer.  I’m just making beer at home, so I won’t be selling any, just giving it away to anyone who’s interested.  I hope to get some feedback and learn a lot over the next year.  I’m planning to have lots of opportunities to get people to try what I’ve made and see how great beer made on a small scale can be.

My idea is for a brewery called Crooked Run Brewing.  Our guiding principle is simple elegance, and our beers are time-honored styles made using traditional methods.  So much has been forgotten since the industrialization of brewing and agriculture, and Crooked Run Brewing is really a revival of the traditional local brewery.  When you try Crooked Run beer, you will notice a wonderful flavor that is only found in small, handmade batches.  Our session ales are fresher, and our strong ales are aged longer, because we will not operate on the time-table of a large commercial brewery.

Here is a tentative list of some of the best beers I’ve made.  Over the next year, I’d like to give people a chance to try them as well as enter them into competitions.

Our Beers

Hopsail: Belgian single.  4.5% ABV.  Pilsner malt, floral hops, and Belgian yeast harmonically converge in this easy-drinking Belgian beer.  Perfect for a nice day.

Heartsong: Belgian dubbel.   8% ABV.   A malt-focused Belgian ale with lots of dark fruit character from Belgian yeast and candi syrup.

Nature’s Warden:  American Brown Ale.  6% ABV.  This big, hoppy American brown ale is full of piney, resiny hops and chocolate malt.

Storm: American IPA.  7% ABV.  With a restrained malt backbone and massive amount of hop flavor, this beer will rock you like a hurricane.

Wild Ale: Flanders brown ale. 5% ABV. A slightly tart brown ale fermented with raspberries and wild yeast.

Showcase Series:  A new, different beer each time the old one runs out.  These are styles you might not find anywhere else.  Examples include Logan’s Song ESB and Wishing Well Dry Stout.

Brewmaster Series

Seek Truth: A big, bourbon barrel-aged old ale.

Warden’s Lament: Sour cherry tripel.

On The Shoulders of Giants: Imperial Belgian IPA.

Under Shadows of Mountains: Imperial Belgian stout.

Force of Nature:  Fresh hop Imperial IPA

Realize Truth: Elderberry quadrupel.


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