Hop Harvest!

This first hop harvest went very well.  The other hops are still establishing themselves, but the Cascades produced over a pound of hops.  After picking, hops can either be used immediately or dried and stored for later use.  I used some fresh cascade to make a fresh hop imperial IPA, Force of Nature.  Fresh hops give the beer a different character.  By hand-picking the hops rather than mechanically harvesting them, the stems and leaves stay out of the beer, keeping the flavor nice and smooth.  Force of Nature is brewed with a staggering amount of 100% fresh Cascade hops, a touch of light caramel malt, and a big helping of demerara sugar to keep it crisp.

We plan to offer fresh hop versions of all our beer during harvest time.  I am very much looking forward to fresh hop Nature’s Warden, made with our mighty Chinook hops.


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4 Responses to Hop Harvest!

  1. Mike Dean says:

    So when will the outside world — i.e., ME — get to try some of these brews?

  2. Scott says:

    Really looking forward to trying your brews. As if you don’t already have enough going on, any plans on using Crooked Run Orchard’s fantastic apple selection to make a batch (or many, many batches) of hard cider?

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