The System



Here is the full size-system for the brewery.  This fully-electric beer-making setup can produce thirty-five gallons, or two full-size kegs of beer at a time. Special thanks to the master of metal Michael Clay for welding this baby.  Michael is an artist and an extremely skilled welder who custom-made these frames and has a lot of beer coming his way!

The system still needs to be wired up, which will hopefully be done in the next month so I can get rolling on some test batches.  Since each test will produce around 30 gallons of beer that I cannot legally sell yet, you can bet there will be some opportunities to taste some free beer soon!

If you’re curious as to how the system works, the first barrel heats up water, hot water and grain are mixed together in the middle barrel and the resulting sugary liquid, called wort, is then drained into the third barrel, where it is boiled for one hour.  After that, it is cooled to room temperature and transferred to the conical fermenter, also pictured above.  Yeast is added and the wort ferments, making beer.  It is then kegged and carbonated.


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