The Beers of Fall

The Showcase Series is our rotating offering of beers.  The styles offered will fit a general criteria of being either difficult to find for sale in the United States, using a certain seasonal ingredient, or commemorating a certain holiday.

Since it’s now autumn, I’ve been busy brewing some of our fall seasonals.  The first one is Wishing Well.  Wishing Well is a dry stout or Irish stout; it is the same style as Guinness.  However, Wishing Well is a bit more flavorful and robust.  Dry stouts are very simple beers that derive their flavor from dark roasted malts.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not really a “meal in a can;” they are actually of lower-than-average gravity and alcohol content.  Black roasted barley gives them a great coffee flavor and jet black color.  The key to rounding out the beer is raw barley; what would otherwise be a thin and somewhat watery beer becomes a full, thick stout with the addition of this protein-rich ingredient, which greatly increases the body.  The beer remains “light” but doesn’t feel like it.

The second one is Logan’s Mild.  Mild ale is a British style that was practically extinct, but is enjoying a bit of a revival now.  The idea behind mild ale is to create a very low-gravity low-alcohol beer that still has a lot of flavor.  This is achieved through a generous amount of caramel and chocolate malt, with a touch of special roast for a toasty flavor.  The resulting beer only has an ABV of 3.5%, but has a full, wonderful flavor.  It is the perfect beer to enjoy on a crisp fall day while you work in the garden.

The final fall offering is Jake o’ Lantern.  Jake o’ Lantern is a malty, spiced pumpkin ale made with real pumpkins.  I picked up some from the farmers’ market where I work.  They are actually Japanese winter squash, which are some of the best pumpkins you can use to cook with.  Pumpkin ales are sort of our American take on German Oktoberfest beers; special malty beers made with a uniquely-American ingredient.  The pumpkin is cut into sections and roasted in the oven to caramelize the sugars.  Unlike the myriad of pumpkin beers out there, ours is lightly spiced.  The spice is not meant to overwhelm, but rather to compliment the overall flavor of the beer.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger add subtle spice notes.


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