Spotlight: Heartsong

Here’s a closer look at Heartsong dubbel, another of our year-round offerings.  Dubbels are strong, malty beers traditionally brewed at Trappist monasteries in Belgium.  Heartsong is just shy of 8% alcohol, but finishes very dry, so it has the feel of a much lighter beer.  It is very malty, with complex caramel, toffee, and raisin notes, with dark fruit complexity from the yeast.  This is the beer you want to have on a special occasion.  It is the perfect beer to accompany a big holiday meal with family and friends.  Before you know it, you will be full of mirth and spirit!

The secret to Heartsong comes from Belgian candi syrup.  Candi syrup is caramelized beet sugar, which darkens to produce a fantastic syrup with many layers of flavor.  The candi sugar helps lighten the body of the beer to keep it from being cloying, but also adds a wonderful flavor.  Our candi syrup is specially made by a new American company called Candi Syrup Inc.  Their talented team of food chemists and brewers broke down and analyzed Belgian candi syrups.  Up to this point, candi syrup was something of a mystery; no one knew exactly how it was made, and it could only be imported.  Candi Syrup Inc. found out what it is that makes candi syrup special, and made their own line of syrups with flavors surpassing anything on the market.

After Heartsong won a medal, Candi Syrup Inc. sent me 10 pounds of  syrup as a reward.  With the holidays approaching, it’s time to brew my favorite beer!


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