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Brettanomyces: The Wild Yeast

Yeast is one of the essential ingredients in beer.  For centuries, humans have used yeast in wine-making, bread-making, and beer-making.  The yeast used for all of these comes from the genus Saccharomyces, and was originally isolated from the skin of … Continue reading

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The Master Series Part V: 1800 IPA

Recent I got the book IPA by Mitch Steel, head brewer at Stone Brewing Co. in California.  It is a fascinating book on the history of IPA, arguably the quintessential craft beer style in America.  IPA was the first pale … Continue reading

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Abbey Ales: The Champagne of Beers

I don’t really like wine, so when New Year’s Eve rolls around, I’d rather pop the cork on a big bottle of Belgian beer.  Maybe you’re like me, and prefer beer over wine.  Fortunately, there are a family of beer … Continue reading

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