The Master Series Part V: 1800 IPA

Russell Crowe as he appears in MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, 2003.Recent I got the book IPA by Mitch Steel, head brewer at Stone Brewing Co. in California.  It is a fascinating book on the history of IPA, arguably the quintessential craft beer style in America.  IPA was the first pale beer, as only the invention of coke ovens allowed for pale malt to be made.  Furiously hopped, high in alcohol, and sparklingly clear, IPA became incredibly popular during the 19th century; the beer of the industrial revolution.

1800 IPA is my interpretation of the English IPAs made over a century ago.  Hopped to levels not seen anywhere today with Kent Goldings hops, it is aged in oak with brettanomyces clausseni, the wild yeast isolated from these very same beers of the last age.  This simulates the long voyage these beers went through, and the wild refermentation that occurred.

Fortune favors the bold.  Stake your claim on a bottle of this limited release, and set sail for another age!


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