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Yesterday, I launched the Crooked Run Kickstarter project!  Kickstarter is a fundraising site that I am using to help raise money for this project.  My goal is to raise $10,000 over the next 30 days.  When you donate to the project, you get to choose a cool reward.  I am offering very high quality shirts, bottle openers, hop plants, and an e-book with every single Crooked Run recipe along with some very practical brewing information.

The location of the brewery and tasting room will be at 205 Harrison Street, Leesburg, VA 20175.  The location is in Market Station, a hub of great restaurants and drinking establishments located in historic downtown Leesburg.  The brewery and tasting room will feature seating for 26, a cozy fireplace, heated outdoor seating for 12, and a hops garden.

2012-12-21 16.21.27

The heart of the brewery is the 1 BBL (31.5 gallon) fully electric system that I built.  It is much more efficient than the typical gas-fired system, and the sophisticated control system allows for extremely precise and consistent results.  It uses four 4500 watt electric coils to heat the beer.  The system is all welded up and ready to use, thanks to the help of my friend Mike Clay, a very skilled welder and artist.  As soon as the custom control panel arrives, the first test batch can be brewed.

system 004

The outside of the brewery has a large bed available for gardening.  I will be planting five Cascade hop plants, which will grow up and over the outdoor tables, creating a wonderful screen of green over the beer garden.  These Cascade hops will be used to create a fresh hop version of our signature hoppy brown ale, Nature’s Warden.

The brewery will also utilize many of the other ingredients I grow.  The Waterford Brewery Garden, located eight miles from the brewery in the historic landmark of Waterford, produces five different kinds of hops, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, pumpkins, and brewing herbs.

2012-10-22 12.29.02

In addition to these homegrown ingredients, Crooked Run will also be producing some very special beers, called the Master Series, with locally-produced ingredients.  Examples include:

Realize Truth: Elderberry Belgian quadrupel blended with elderberry wine from Village Winery in Waterford

Endless Summer: Basil saison with basil from Endless Summer Harvest in Purcellville

One Thousand Leaves: Maple strong ale with maple syrup from S&S Maple Camp in Maryland



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  1. Rob Grey says:

    So how does a potential investor contact you directly via email?

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