The Master Series Part VI: Seek Truth

Yesterday, the Kickstarter project was successfully funded.  I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who donated.  The amount of support I have received has been tremendous, and I am so happy that so many people believe in this.

To commemorate this event, I’d like to reveal part six of the Master Series: Seek Truth.  I am a firm believer in objective truth.  When you stand at the top of a snow-covered mountain and stare out, when you run through the woods and feel the splendid beauty of the forest, or when you sail with the wind at your back on a perfect day, there is truth in that.  Your objective in life should be to seek truth.

2013-02-27 14.35.26Seek Truth is a reminder to always keep love in your heart and always search for beauty and knowledge.  It is a tripel, the strong, bright style of Belgian ale that is effervescent and shining.  A large addition of sugar keeps it light and dry, with a late addition of Hallertauer hops for a spicy, herbal finish.  The beer is aged in a brandy barrel from Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville, Virginia.  Scott Harris at Catoctin Creek makes some really spectacular spirits, and I thought that his pear brandy would add the perfect complimentary flavors to this beer.  I am looking forward to pouring some of this at the grand opening in May!


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One Response to The Master Series Part VI: Seek Truth

  1. Chris Shaw says:

    Hey, can’t wait to see what you have in store for the opening. I’ve been an avid IPA fan for the last 5-6 years or so, but have been picking up on some of the belgian/french styles lately. As a new resident to the area it is great to see a new (ultra)micro brew scene in this section of LoCo.

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