Saison Series

The title of the Crooked Run Kickstarter project was Crooked Run Brewing: A Farmhouse Nanobrewery.  The word “farmhouse” has special meaning when it comes to beer, referring to the Belgian and French ales brewed by farming households for personal consumption.  There are three styles in particular that are associated with these brewers; saison, biere de garde, and tafelbier (table beer).  Since Crooked Run is sort of a modern farmhouse brewery, it’s only fitting that I offer some of these styles.

Saison has become incredibly popular these days.  It’s a very loose style that really allows you to experiment, and I think it’s the perfect showcase for some of the ingredients I want to use.  Saisons are refreshing, dry, fruity and spicy beers with a firm bitterness and slight tartness.  There’s a lot of room to experiment and I’m looking forward to offering people a chance to try some of the interesting saisons I’ve come up with.  The Saison Series will be a rotating offering of unique saisons.  Here’s a list of some of what I’ll be brewing.

Edge of Summer: Pale saison.  Made with rye, turbinado sugar, and fresh basil.  Spicy, with firm basil and hop bitterness and a touch of rummy sugar.

Red Summer: Amber saison.  Made with apple cider from Crooked Run Orchard.  Malty and caramelly, with apple tartness and a dry finish with a touch of cinnamon.

Summer Night: Dark saison.  Made with dark candi syrup and raspberries from the Waterford garden.  Notes of toffee, biscuit, chocolate, and fruit.


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