The Beer List

Want to see a complete list of the beers I plan to offer?  Here it is:

Core Series

Hopsail: Belgian single.  4.2% ABV

Storm: American IPA.  7% ABV

Nature’s Warden.  American brown ale.  6% ABV

Realize Truth: Elderberry quadrupel.  10% ABV


Showcase Series

Logan’s Song.  English pale ale.  4.4% ABV

Wishing Well.  Dry Stout.  4.2% ABV

Time Byder.  Old ale.  6% ABV

Hellfire Storm: Black IPA.  7% ABV

Jake o’ Lantern: Pumpkin ale.  5% ABV

True Vision: Belgian IPA.  7% ABV

Logan’s Mild: Mild ale.  3.5% ABV

Saison Series

Verdant Summer: Basil rye saison.  6% ABV

Summer Night.  Raspberry dark saison.  7% ABV

Red Summer: Blackberry amber saison.  6% ABV


Master Series

Seek Truth: Pear brandy barrel-aged tripel. 10% ABV

One Thousand Leaves: Maple strong ale.  9% ABV

Warden’s Lament: Sour barrel-aged tripel.  10% ABV

Warden’s Promise: Sour currant brown ale.  6% ABV

Force of Nature: Fresh hop double IPA.  8% ABV

1800 IPA: Historic English IPA.  7% ABV

Nature’s Wrath: Brett triple IPA.  12% ABV


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