Some Beers I’ve Been Brewing

Photo1I thought I’d write a little about some recipes that I am very excited about brewing.  I’ve really been in the brewing mood lately and have been coming up with some fairly unique approaches to traditional styles.  Here are a few of them:

Time Byder:  An English old ale, also known as a winter warmer.  6.3% ABV.  Named after the lord of the county.  Loudoun might have sipped this beer as he (mis)governed like a boss.  Made with Maris Otter barley, a generous amount of amber malt and medium caramel malt, and a touch of dark candi syrup in lieu of traditional treacle.  A big, sweet, toasty beer for winter evenings that is big on flavor but is uniquely designed to be ready much faster than the typical old ale.  I’ve brewed quite a few old ales and this is my attempt to make one that you don’t need to wait a year to drink.

True Vision:  Hoppy blonde ale/Belgian IPA.  8% ABV. What if you blended the wonderful grainy malt and yeast flavors of a tripel, and the incredible fruit flavor of Galaxy hops?  This 45 IBU beer is low on the bitterness compared to a normal IPA, but is extensively dry-hopped.

Nature’s Warden:  Hoppy brown ale.  6% ABV.  One of our core beers, Nature’s Warden is a big brown ale with lots of hop flavor.  It is sort of the anti-IPA IPA, with a sweet finish and lots of darker malts.  Stopping short of roasty, the hops shine through.  A threshold addition of juniper berries gives the beer piney complexity.

Red Summer: Apple amber saison.  7% ABV.  Lots of caramel and munich malt, with apple tartness and dryness.  The contrast between sweet malt and apple creates a wonderfully crisp and malty smooth beer.  A touch of cinnamon at the end.


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4 Responses to Some Beers I’ve Been Brewing

  1. Erik says:

    True Vision sounds very interesting. Where does this fit in your lineup of beers?

  2. Wes Fox says:

    Time Byder! I love what you are doing with an english old ale! True Vision sounds very unique and complex! the combination of a Belgian and IPA always sounds great to me!!

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