Brewery Garden

The build-out at the brewery is going along very well, but as of today, the outside seating area and brewery garden is finished!  Special thanks to my bartender/mom Kathie for helping design and build it.

2013-06-27 14.47.05

The garden features a variety of ingredients that I will use in beers.  There are three hop plants: Chinook, Colombus, and Wilamette.  The trellises are made of cured bamboo that I heated and sealed.  As you can see, these guys really took off.  I’m going to use the fresh hops for a special fresh hop version of Nature’s Warden and a fresh hop double IPA called Force of Nature.

2013-06-27 14.45.22

In addition to the hops, there are several kinds of berries including black currants, red currants, elderberries, and raspberries.  I really like to use berries in some of my beers, such as Summer Night, a raspberry dark saison, and Realize Truth, an elderberry quad.  Berries are great to brew with because the flavor profile remains consistent through fermentation.

The garden also has many flowers, in sort of a homage to an English brewery garden.  Yarrow, coreopsis, salvia, gazanias, coneflowers, and lamb’s ear.  Many of these plants are vigorous perennials that I transplanted from my house, and will fill out greatly next year.  Potted English ivy lines the walls.  The pots are coated in glow-in-the-dark paint!

2013-06-27 14.45.51

The chairs are bistro sets made from eucalyptus, a renewable wood.  The perfect place to enjoy the evening with a nice glass of beer with friends, surrounded by this nice wall of green.


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