Opening Lineup and Free Recipe

I am getting ready to open soon and thought I’d share about some of the beers I’ll be offering.  I’ll be starting with Hopsail and Logan’s Song and will work my way up to four or five beers on tap.  If you’ve been following my blog, you might recall that the original list of year-round beers went Hopsail single, Realize Truth quad, Nature’s Warden brown ale, and Storm IPA.  I’ve made a few changes due to the availability of hops.  Mainly, until Spring 2014 when I’ll have shipments of Galaxy hops, I’ll only rarely be offering Storm.  Instead, I’m going to offer my English IPA, Logan’s Bite.  It’s a classic English IPA with a really wonderful flavor that will please hopheads but also is quite different from an American IPA.

So here’s what you’re going to see for the upcoming months:

Hopsail: Belgian single. 4.2% ABV. Pilsner malt, pleasant Saaz hops, and Belgian yeast harmonically converge in this easy-drinking Belgian pale ale. Perfect for every day. $5 per pint.

Thunder: American pale ale. 4.7% ABV. Vienna malt, a touch of caramel, and lots of Cascade hops create a classic, balanced American pale ale. $5 per pint.

Logan’s Bite: English IPA. 6% ABV. This classic English beer is made with toasty Maris Otter malt, U.S. Goldings, and Target hops. Logan is my handsome and noble red setter. He is gentle and kind to his friends, but many birds and squirrels have felt the sting of his bite! $6 per pint.

Nature’s Warden: American brown ale. 6% ABV. Nature’s Warden is a solitary figure that patrols the forests, preserving the balance and defending the defenseless. This big, hoppy brown ale will lend you his fortitude and strength. $6 per pint.

Coming Soon: Summer Night raspberry dark saison, True Vision Belgian IPA

Also, for all you brewers out there, here’s the recipe for Logan’s Bite.

Logan’s Bite: English IPA

6% ABV, 1.060 OG, 50 IBU

11 lbs Maris Otter

.25 lb crystal 120

.5 lb table sugar

1.25 oz Target hops @60 min

2.25 oz East Kent Goldings hops @ 2 mins

1.5 oz Target hops dry hop 4 days

Mash for 60 minutes at 148 degrees.  Wyeast 1968/White Labs 002 yeast


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2 Responses to Opening Lineup and Free Recipe

  1. Hey, Jake. So you don’t have any contact information on your website, but as someone that is just looking to go through VA for some fun touristy things I was wondering if you are currently open (at least just serving on the patio garden maybe?) How long until the build-out is built-up? haha Let me know, I’m very excited to check it out.

  2. Hey, I’m opening Friday July 19th at 205 Harrison St in Leesburg, hope to see you soon!

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