Next Round of Beers

2013-07-24 16.40.27Each beer I have on tap has to have a label paid for and approved by Virginia ABC.  I have over 20 beers in the Crooked Run portfolio, and I’m generally going to submit five labels at a time for approval every month or so.  For the opening month, I had:

Logan’s Song English pale ale.  4.4% ABV.  27 IBU.  Toasty, caramelly, and smooth, a classic English ale.

Hopsail Belgian single.  4.2% ABV.  25 IBU.  Pilsner malt and fruity Belgian yeast, with a Saaz hops punch.

Logan’s Bite English IPA. 6% ABV.  50 IBU.  Big, toasty, with firm bitterness and earthy/tangerine notes from Target hops.

Thunder American pale ale. 4.7% ABV.  33 IBU.  Balanced and pleasant with a nice dose of Cascade hops.

Summer Night raspberry dark saison.  7% ABV.  30 IBU.  Dark, yet refreshing, with  smooth chocolate flavor and subtle raspberry.

For the next round, I’ll be submitting five more.  These will be coming on tap for the months of September through November:

Wishing Well dry stout:  4.2% ABV.  40 IBU.  This classic Irish stout is a nice session ale with lots of roasty, coffee flavor and a creamy mouthfeel.  Perfect for a fall day.

Storm IPA.  7% ABV.  60 IBU.  With a restrained malt backbone and massive hop flavor, this beer will rock you like a hurricane.

Jake o’ Lantern.  4.8% ABV.  20 IBU.  Caramel, munich malt, and roasted pumpkin make the most delicious pumpkin ale ever.  Subtle.

Seek Truth barrel-aged tripel.  10% ABV.  40 IBU.  Shining and effervescent, this big Belgian ale is aged in peach brandy barrels from Catoctin Creek distillery in Waterford.

Nature’s Warden brown ale.  6% ABV.  35 IBU.  This big, hoppy brown ale drinks like an IPA.  Full of chocolate malt and strong hop flavor.


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