Session Ales, Big Beers

Since the opening, I offered three pale ales, each under 5% ABV.  I received a lot of good feedback for offering some nice session ales.  The common consent was that you all liked being able to pop in for a few beers after work or on a Saturday and then go on about your day.  I often have a beer or two while working at the brewery, and I agree.

This week, however, I tapped my first two stronger beers.  Logan’s Bite, a 6% English IPA, and Summer Night, a 7.5% raspberry dark saison.  Over the next two months I’ll be revealing a few stronger beers as well–my American IPA, my Belgian tripel, and my Belgian quad.

Keep in mind, I’ll always keep some lower ABV beers on tap, though.  The plan is to keep two session ales, an IPA, and a bigger Belgian style on tap at all times.  A little something for everyone.  Some upcoming session ales include Wishing Well, a dry stout, Logan’s Mild, an authentic English mild ale, and Jake o’ Lantern, my delicious pumpkin ale.

Don’t be afraid of my bigger beers, though.  The mark of a good high ABV beer is that it tastes good.  Some of the best big beers are 10%+ but would be enjoyable to enthusiasts and non-aficionados alike.  I’ve gotten some great feedback on my bigger Trappist-style beers from very casual beer drinkers.


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