Galaxy Hops


Woohoo!  After waiting a year, my contracts for Galaxy hops are finally ready!  These Australian hops have a really incredible flavor, and I am super-excited to start brewing more IPA’s, particularly our double IPA, Force of Nature.

A little about the hop market: most hops are bought through contracts, which allows farmers to produce the right amount for the market.  Northern hemisphere hops are harvested and processed in fall, and southern in spring.  My other contracts have been in for a long time, but I have waited a year for these Galaxy hops.  Galaxy is a proprietary strain, and, along with Mosaic, the hottest, most in-demand hop right now.  These hops are patented, have some really unparalleled flavors, and are not very easy to get.

I now have 88 lbs of Galaxy to work with each year, which is a bit more than I can use.  This is pretty exciting.  Up until this point, I have been using Centennial hops for IPA’s.  I tend to be a single-hop kind of guy; I like the beer to be a showcase for the hop.  Now, I’ll be switching my American, Belgian, and double IPA’s to Galaxy.  If you ever have had Schlafly Tasmanian IPA, it is a single hop Galaxy IPA, and it is my favorite.

What’s so good about Galaxy?  If you walked in to the brewery right now, you could probably still smell the intense melon and passionfruit flavor from when I merely opened the bag yesterday.  People throw flowery descriptions around for hops all the time, but most of the IPA hops just smell and taste like citrus.  This is not true with Galaxy.  The aroma is just on a completely different level.

What does this mean?  First, I’ll be making more IPA’s.  Second, they are going to be even better.  Third, I’ll be keeping my Belgian IPA, True Vision, on tap as our second flagship beer.  And last, our double IPA, Force of Nature, should start appearing more regularly.


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One Response to Galaxy Hops

  1. Jason Foreman says:

    Galaxy is my personal favorite Hop. I’m excited to hear about this. Bring on the DIPA’s

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