Wheat Beer Project

One thing we struggle with at Crooked Run is keeping multiple beers on tap.  I try to have 4, sometimes have 3, and would like to have 6 on tap at a time.  We do brew on a small (1.5 BBL) system, but we also have limited room to store beer.  If I want to get to six beers, I am going to have to get a bit creative.

Enter the wheat beer project.  When I first opened, I told people I was never going to brew a wheat beer.  Nothing against them–German hefe is one of my favorite styles.  I just didn’t feel that excited about them, and I didn’t think others would feel that way either.

As it turns out, I was pretty wrong.  Our first wheat was a big kettle-soured batch of Berliner weisse with sweet orange peel called Weisse City.  I was quite surprised at how much people enjoyed it, especially since it was a Berliner (quite tart).  The second wheat beer we did was a small batch of a beer called You’re Cool.  It was a cucumber mint wheat.  People are still talking about that beer!

Anyways, I came to see wheats in a different light.  To me, a wheat beer is a blank canvas to showcase different ingredients.  I started coming up with different wheat beers that I really wanted to do, but I haven’t gotten around to doing  them.  Now, I can!

The plan is to do 45 gallons of simple wheat beer base.  1.045 OG, 25 IBU, 50/50 pils/wheat malt.  After the boil, run off beer into 6.5 gallon bucket fermenters and then add my different ingredients.  Here’s the breakdown of what 45 gallons can produce:

10 gallons Berliner weisse

10 gallons cucumber mint wheat

10  gallons beet wheat

10 gallons imperial dark vanilla wheat

So, that’s the plan.  In two weeks I am going to give it a go!   After kegging these beers, I’ll release one each weekend.


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2 Responses to Wheat Beer Project

  1. Thomas Bull says:

    I like the idea of using mint in beers, but I am worried about it overpowering the base beer. How did you determine how much mint to add to keep everything in balance? Could you share the You’re Cool Recipe?


    • Sure! Don’t worry, it will be noticeable but not overpowering in this amount.

      1.045 OG
      25 IBU
      50% pils
      50% wheat malt
      Warrior @60 minutes
      8 ounces mint/BBL @ 2 minutes
      12 lbs pealed and sliced cucumber/BBL added on day 5 of fermentation
      US-05 yeast

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