2015 Brewery Garden

20150416_131541 I like to use the term “farmhouse nanobrewery” to describe our Leesburg location.  If you’ve ever visited the brewery, it obviously isn’t on a farm, but you might not have noticed our little garden and the multitude of cool things we grow.  The nanobrewery garden may be small, but like the brewery itself, we put a surprising amount into a small space.

Here’s a short rundown of the produce we grow and what we use it for. First, we have three hop plants: Willamette, Chinook, and Columbus.  This year, we are adding a fourth: Sorachi Ace.  This hop, developed by Japanese macrobrewery Sapporo, has a very distinct lemon flavor.  We will be using it in our hop-forward hefeweizen, Laughing Man.  The other three plants are harvested for our two fresh hop beers: Nature’s Warden dark IPA and Force of Nature double IPA.  When you use hops fresh rather than after drying, it gives the beer a vegetal, resinous quality.  The hop trellises are made from bamboo that we heat, cure, and seal with polyurethane. The next new addition are wineberries and mulberries.  These berries, native to Asia, are invasive species in Virginia and can be found all over the place.  Fortunately, they produce some tasty berries!  Wineberries are very much like raspberries, and we’ll be using them in our sour brown ale, Provisionale.  They tolerate shade very well and should grow nicely in their new home against the fence. Also new this year: carrots!  These heirloom carrots will turn out in all three natural carrot colors: orange, white, and purple.  The Dutch popularized the orange carrot, but a hundred years ago it was common to find carrots in a multitude of colors.  We will be using them in our imperial carrot saison, Doctor Feelgood. The last new addition are hot peppers.  It’s still too cold to put the seedlings in, but we will be planting out habaneros and cayennes for the two variants on our IPA, Storm: peach habanero and cherry cayenne.  If you haven’t tried these yet, they are some really great chili beers.

In addition, we also have an elderberry tree for our elderberry quad, black currants, some nice perennials such as salvia and coreopsis, lavender, lantana, and some lobelias which I will be putting in soon. If you have any questions on anything, feel free to ask here!  Looking forward to another great year in the garden!


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