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La Resaca Gose

Since we got our new system, I can finally start doing sours again!  Specifically, kettle sours.  If you’re unfamiliar with a kettle sour, it is a process that can be used to make quick, clean sour beers in a controlled … Continue reading

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There Is No Craft

The lines between craft and macro are disappearing.  Craft breweries are selling out, and big breweries are starting to throw their weight around.  I am writing this post in response to Devil’s Backbone, one of Virginia’s largest breweries and a … Continue reading

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The Best Setup for Homebrewing

Since we got our 3 BBL system, we’ve started brewing more ten gallon batches in order to have a greater variety of beers on tap.  I’d like to run through what we use to do these smaller batches, because I … Continue reading

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