Gold Medal


On Friday, we got a gold medal at World Beer Cup for Supernatural, our imperial hibiscus saison!  Great news and perfect timing, as we get ready to brew and bottle this as the next beer in our line of bombers.  Big ups to Brad Erickson, who designed this very unique and tasty saison, and the rest of the team for making some great beer!

Supernatural has always been one of my favorite beers we make, sort of a “bartender’s favorite.”  Clocking in at 10%, it’s extremely dry and a bit tart, which makes it super easy-drinking.  It’s got a bright pink hue and lots of hibiscus flavor.  A wine-like finish, aided by Nelson hops, makes a beer that is hard to forget.  It changes flavor in a very interesting way as it ages–hazy and yeasty at first, it eventually gets bright as glass, subtly darkening in color and becoming sweeter, with a candy-like finish.

This win for me is some nice validation.  We’ve never had much money or marketing hype, and with such limited distribution, we’re kind of a little secret in Leesburg.  The hype train is probably my least favorite part about the beer industry.  We get zero cred in that area, but I think people that know what’s up know that we’ve been putting out some great and extremely unique beer for some time.

I’m excited to get to work on some new bottles of Supernatural.  The label is looking great!


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6 Responses to Gold Medal

  1. Chris Mazzone says:

    Amzing amazing amazing! Congrats!

  2. Robert Skeen says:

    Congratulations, I know you’ve all been working hard. Can’t wait to ride to Leesburg to try some.

  3. Mike says:

    Great award for an excellent brewery. Great beer, people and service.
    One of Leesburg’s gems

  4. Great job! Keep it going. Cheers

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