Happy New Year

20180101_1222012017 has been a great year!  We brewed a lot of beer, learned a lot, and made new friends.  I am proud of all we have done in this year–cans, bottles, coolship beer, collaborations, and lots of new equipment.  What’s in stock for 2018?  Take a look.

Less rotation: Don’t get me wrong, we will continue to offer new beers.  But we’re going to start rebrewing some beers that really stood out.  Winners from this year are:

Envision IPA w/Vienna malt, Mandarina, and Sorachi Ace hops

Dedicated IPA w/Motueka and Denali hops

Only You IPA w/Comet and Citra hops

No Captain DIPA w/Ekuanot and Lemondrop hops

Noriega triple IPA w/pineapple

Dolce Vita BBA milk stout w/coffee

Best Days hefeweizen

Saving Light saison

Vibes Berliner w/blackberries and vanilla

Crankcase Baltic porter

Altruism dark sour w/elderberries

Nepotism golden sour

Cuvee coolship red

Mixed fermentation sours: Currently, we have five different iterations of a 30 BBL golden sour base fermenting with different yeast strains.  We also have 20 BBLs of coolship red fermenting as well.  We’ll be releasing a previous golden sour in one month that fermented for 8 months in barrels.  Look for more of these beers from us as time goes on, in both draught and bottle, and in distribution as well.  We feel as if the market is lacking this style in distribution, and I aim to fill that void.  I think we are already on the right track with 375 ml bottles.

Greater distribution: We are exploring adding another 40 BBL tank and also contract brewing Heart and Soul.  It’s become clear that we cannot brew enough to meet demand for distribution, especially in cans.  My goal of creating an accessible double dry-hopped IPA has paid off.  It’s really crazy–the first time we brewed into the 40 BBL, we were only planning to fill it halfway.  On the second turn of the system, we decided to just go ahead and brew four batches.  When we sent the beer out to distribution, it was more than I had ever put out.  I was very worried that it wouldn’t move fast enough, and spent the whole week going out and doing sales in the evening and pestering our distributor to help move it.  As it turns out, the beer sold out in two weeks, well before another batch was ready.  That made me feel pretty good, but a bit alarmed, since I promised a lot of accounts that it would be available all the time.  And cans…cans sold out in a day!  We cannot really distribute many cans on this scale and keep enough for the taproom.  I also absolutely loved a comment I read on a Facebook page.  “I love that I can go to Crooked Run and pick up a four-pack of Heart and Soul whenever.  It’s one of the best IPAs in the area and there’s no line.”  Not too bad!

Seasonal beers: If we can get another tank or contract brew, that means we can do some more seasonal beers for distribution and cans.  Expect to see Vibes (Berliner w/blackberries and vanilla) and Charm (super thick 7% milk stout) in cans, and Best Days (super hazy hefe) and Crankcase (Baltic porter) in distro.  We’re exploring roll-on labels and new shrink-sleeve cans so we can expand our repertoire of four-packs.

Expansion: We will hopefully be adding additional space at our Sterling location.  It’s become clear that we do not have enough seating, and we can also use some extra space for more fermenters.  We intend to add 3,000 sq ft of additional taproom space, a second restaurant, a stage for live music, and a separate sour facility.  Our existing Sterling taproom is undersized because of county regulations that went into effect in 2016 that limit taproom size to 20% of total square footage.  We are looking forward to having more seating and an area for private events.




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