Core Beer: Best Days

best daysIt’s day 4 of American Craft Beer week, and here’s a look at our thick, hazy hefeweizen, Best Days.  This beer is the newest addition to our core lineup!  Best Days has all the qualities of a classic German hefe, with a thick, sweet impression and opaque appearance.

Best Days was first brewed last summer.  I’m a huge hefe fan, and Weihenstephen hefe would definitely be one of my desert island beers.  Best Days uses the same yeast strain.  A little water chemistry gets us the body and haze we want.  The suspended yeast balances the sweetness of the beer, with a nice banana/clove flavor that isn’t too much.

I was pretty impressed with how much people have been digging this one.  A lot of our regular session beers get trashed on Untappd, which is pretty par for the course for those, but a lot of people seem to appreciate this one.  It’s sold really well in the taproom, and I’ve drank gallons of it.  When the heat is on nothing makes me happier than grabbing a pint of this beer.

Look for cans of this one either late summer or next year!


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