About Crooked Run

Crooked Run began as a nanobrewery started by two homebrewers, Jake Endres and Lee Rogan.  After three years in business, Crooked Run is proud to announce a second location, featuring a 10 BBL brewhouse and tasting room!  Hours: Closed Monday and Tuesday, Wed-Thurs 4-10, Friday 4-12AM, Saturday 1-12AM, Sunday 1-6

About Jake

My name is Jake Endres, co-owner and brewer at Crooked Run.  I’ve been brewing beer since I turned 21. Over the years, I got more and more into homebrewing, and when I turned 25, I decided that I wanted to open a small brewery.  I worked for the next year researching and developing the concept for Crooked Run.

To raise money, I made a project on Kickstarter, a crowd-sourcing website that allows people to donate money to ideas that they support.  Thanks to a great group of people who donated, we succeeded in meeting and surpassing our goal.

We opened in July of 2013 with two beers, a Belgian single and an English pale ale.  Since then, we’ve messed around with a lot of recipes, and had a chance to try pretty much everything, from barrel-aged beers to cask to spontaneous fermentation.  In August, we announced our expansion, a second 10 BBL location opening in early 2017.

When it comes to brewing, I like to offer a nice mix of interesting beers like sour IPA and black tripel, along with classic styles.  My personal goal is to be a good regional brewery and offer a friendly place to have a beer.


4 Responses to About

  1. Marty O. says:

    My name is Marty Ogan, I’m the owner of Panzano Wood Fired Pizza in Boise Idaho. We are a wood fired mobile brick oven trailer. I also brew my own beer at home, for which I have won several blue ribbons.
    I’m hoping you could answer a couple of question for me. My wife and I are looking at starting a small pizza and brew place, and I’m looking at going with the Electric Brew system, on a 20 gallon tank.
    1. I’ve read several place that it is impossible to make a profit with nono-brewery, you spend all your time brewing, kegging cleaning, ECT. That you should go with a 7 BBL system or forget. Thoughts?
    2. How would rate the quality, service, and performance from your Electric Brew System?

    Marty O.

    • Hi Marty, here are my thoughts. First, no 20 gallon system. Minimum is 1 BBL.

      1. Not true. It’s probably the hardest you will work for very little money, but I can authoritatively tell you that isn’t true. However, if you can do a larger system, definitely go for it. A 7 BBL brewpub is going to be quite large though, and you’ll need more capital.

      2. I rate it all highly, it’s great.

  2. Hi Jake.
    I’m doing the leg work to start a nano, and I’m currently navigating the Board of Health requirements because most of the towns where I live have septic systems. The BOH wants to know the volume of my waste water. I have found helpful websites, but it would be great to have empirical facts. Do you mind sharing how much waste water (from brewing) you produced on either a monthly or yearly basis on your 1bbl system? Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Derek, we actually have a 3 BBL system currently. It is really hard to say how much water we use, because we use ground water to chill. We do not have a CLT or glycol system. But a good rule of thumb is three times the brewing volume of water per batch.

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